Money-Saving Tips For Playing Online Pokies


Online casino games have become worldwide popular over the past decade, and one of the most popular among them is certainly online pokies. It is a game of chance which is simple and fun to play and it relies mainly on the player’s luck, which means that there is not too much you can do in order to improve your chances. Nevertheless, there still are some steps to follow in order to play smartly and, if not win, at least save as much money as possible. These can be in some way your strategies of playing.

maxresdefault (1)In the first place comes the studying of the game’s rules. The choice of online pokies is enormous, and they range from simple, three-reel fruit machines, to complex games that look like a movie. No matter which type you prefer, make sure to understand what is asked of you as a player and what the game can offer you. If you are a beginner, it is advisable that you first play simpler games, and move to the more complex ones with time. Also, 3-barrel pokies have the bigger chance of winning, even though the jackpot is smaller.

Then, be aware of various Internet frauds that “guarantee you will win at pokies”. They exist only in order to take your money for nothing, because online casino websites are not very easy to hack and cheat, and pokies machines are guided by random generating number device, so there is not much you can do to make them choose you as the jackpot winner.

In order to save both money and time, do not play by minimal bets. This may sound illogical, but keep in mind that the higher the bet is, the higher is the progressive jackpot. If you play invest small amounts of money, you can play longer, but it might in the end lead you to spending the same or even larger amount of money. The optimal investment is 1/20 of your overall budget. It may be also good to choose the pokies that, other than main jackpot, also offer various bonuses, such as additional spins, credit etc.



Predetermination of the amount of money for gambling is one of the key factors of successful outcome. Set aside the amount of money you are willing to spend, but also the amount of the earned money you will be satisfied with. Once you have reached your limits either in winning or losing, it is time to stop playing. If you try to increase your winnings further by starting to invest larger amounts and hoping for another win, you may be undergoing too much of a risk to lose more that you have won. If you hit the main jackpot, make sure to cash it and enjoy it, rather than trying to raise it further.

Take some time to try different kinds of games and see which one fits you best. This way you will be able to feel confident and contented while playing. Also, spend some time in search of the casino that has a maximum payout percentage, which should be at least 98%. This is important especially in case you win the main jackpot, to be sure that you will get the most of it.

Follow these advice in order to play wisely, to make the most out of your game and after all – to enjoy playing.