Mobile Pokies

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The idea of easy money without any effort is appealing probably to every human being. People have played various games of fortune for years now, such as dice, lottery, bingo or casino games like roulette and slot machines. With the appearance of the first slot machines, (or fruit machines or pokies), games of fortune got a new dimension. There were the sounds, vivid colors and the feeling of anticipation and excitement while you wait for the wheels with the symbols to stop. Pokies machines have gone through various changes, the side-lever first being replaced by a button on the front, and the modern machines took a new look and the widespread touchscreen technology. Not only that land-based pokies have been modified, but with the outbreak of online casinos into the market, they have also got their online version. There are numbers of casinos which are based on the Internet, where you can play the same games like in a regular casino, but without having to leave your home. It started with the possibility to play through a browser, or by downloading a casino’s software onto your PC.

screen520x924 (1)However, with the progress and improvement of both the Internet connection methods and various portable devices to connect from, online casinos have come to a stage when they offer their games to be played on the mobile phone or tablet. Since pokies games have been among the most popular ones, both in brick-and-mortar and online casinos, it didn’t come as a surprise that this is exactly the type of game which has the greatest number of versions. You can choose if you want to play pokies with fruit symbols and a virtual lever as well or maybe some themed game which looks like a video game and even takes some time to understand its rules. The choice is up to you.

The important thing to know is that almost every online casino of today offers a game application which you can download onto your phone or tablet and play wherever you are. You can choose the game you want to play, and there will be a few types of applications offered, depending on the device you own and its operating system. The most common apps are the ones supported by Android OS, but more and more casinos also provides the ones that can be downloaded and played on iOS (iPhone or iPad) as well as on Blackberry. Other than downloading the app from an online casino, you can choose to do so by visiting Apple Store or Google Store and browsing through the games you would like to play.

What you also need to know is that it is even possible to play mobile pokies for real money. If you already have an account in an online casino, you can log in with your username and password once you download the app, and play just as you would from your PC. If you, however, prefer playing just for fun, there are numerous games you can download and play only in order to try your luck without having to invest anything but time. Whichever option suits you best, keep in mind that you have many options and that playing pokies has never been easier, more available and more fun than it is today.