Mobile Casino – All You Need To Know


Mobile Casino is (in most cases) an extension of online casinos. This gives you an ability to play your favorite casino games over you mobile phone.

Most of the bigger online casinos have their games adapted to mobile phones, including download size, graphics and sound effects.

You can register for playing over your phone via computer or via your phone, it does not matter.

Paying in to your virtual wallet can be made over few different ways. You can pay with cards or PayPal, or any other money source.

images (3)In most of online casinos you don’t need to create new accounts for playing over your mobile phones. You can use you existing account that you used to play casino games on your computer. If you lose your ID or your log in password you have an option to retrieve it, and you can contact customer support for further assistance. People in customer support will provide you with all necessary information regarding your issue.

You have to meet age requirements for playing Mobile Casino for money. All age requirements can be seen while you creating your account. Age requirements on Mobile Casino and all other online casinos correspond to brick and mortar casino age requirements.

imagesMost of Mobile Casinos use SSL technology in protection of your personal information as well as your credit card info. This includes all registration details you were required to provide.

If you want to withdraw money from an online casino you can find a ‘banking’ button on your casino page, and from there you can chose an amount and a way to withdraw your money.

Money that you issued to be withdrawn will not be transferred to you instantly. Casino has to process you request, and until you receive your money, you will see a sign saying pending withdrawal. From that sign you can cancel your money withdrawal if you desire so.

You can’t withdraw your bonus money whenever you want. All bonuses have their requirements that are needed to enable that money to be withdrawn. After fulfillment of the bonus requirements, money from that bonus will be transferred to your account. And you will be able to withdraw it. Some bonuses don’t have requirements for their withdrawal, an example of this are free spins.

If you want to check history of your transactions, you can go to your profile and there you will find options that will allow you to do so. If you have issues with this option, customer service will provide you with your transaction history.

images (2)One of the most known concerns that players of Mobile Casino have is disconnection, and state of their money if such thing happens. If you played your last move in a given hand and disconnection occurs, that hand will finish, and you will see results upon reconnection. If disconnection happens and you still have your part of the hand to play two things may occur. First is that if you reconnect fast enough that you may continue playing as if nothing happened. If you fail to connect on time, you will drop out and your bet will be returned to you.

You can contact customer service if you have some complains about any of these or any other issues.